Day 46-48 – Disneyland

Some of you may have noticed that we have been absent from the blog the last few days. Nothing bad has happened, we are still alive! We have in fact done this for your sake. The reason for this is that we have spent the last three days at Disneyland. Therefore to save you the annoyance of reading virtually the same post for three days straight we decided instead to just write one longer post about our Disney experience.

Disneyland was definitely magical experience – especially when it started to snow! We are a bit undecided as to whether winter was a good time to go. Most days it was around -10 degrees so luckily the lines were much shorter, but this did mean there were multiple closures due to icy conditions. This did encourage us to explore other areas of the park though – like the smaller indoor rides, fun themed cafes, and we even managed to catch a short jazz show. They are also in their final month of ‘Season of the Force’ meaning there were lots of Star Wars themed rides and characters wandering around the park. All in all a very fun few days! 

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