Day 20 – Budapest

Budapest is a beautiful city with a very sad past. A quite extensive past that we’ve decided to ditch the word count for today so we can fully explain.

First we walked along the Danube where there is a touching monument of shoes lined along the river. During WW2, Jewish people were forced out of their shoes, lined along the riverbank and shot so that their bodies would wash down the river.

Across the river we took a tram up the hill to the castle district, the final remaining Hungarian stronghold for the Nazi’s. After major destruction during the Hungarian revolution in 1956, it is now restored and a beautiful spot to admire the architecture of the city and its buildings. Underneath this district we explored the underground caves turned into a hospital for WW2 and the communist regime. During the time of the Cold War it was also turned into a nuclear bomb shelter.

It’s hard to imagine all of this happening in one of the most beautiful towns we have visited so far with some of the friendliest locals as well.

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